September Social

September Social

It's been a few days since the last social update, not because things aren't happening, but because so many things are happening! #life

So without any further ado...Let's get to it with September Social. 

To start off - PSL or Pumpkin Spice Latte's are here and too soon! As soon as people realized September 1st was here, the pumpkins, the spice, and the #basicbetch life just kind of happened. Rude, ok? Give us a few days guys...Brunch and a spicy new drank won't ease the pain, so don't come at me with your #PSL #StarbucksisLyfe business.

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat stories are still a pretty hot topic in the social sphere, we had a FB Live, talked about it, and basically everyone who knows about them and their cool mom is trying to pick a side. Snapchat is rolling up the sleeves and reminding us why oh why we love it so much. #luhdashi Some new projects (Snapchat Glasses, uh yes please!) and targeted ads, killing off some old ones (RIP city stories), and of course the ever changing filter magic.

Twitter has been talking about removing links and mentions in tweet counts for a while now...but in 5 days we'll see it happen in real life (tweet life?). In the spirit of competition, Twitter is rocking some new features to compete with the other major apps on your phone. Night mode for your late night wine tweets, website DM buttons for your airline complaints, read reciepts for those DMs you arent' sending, and lastly, Periscope Live notifications, because that is still a thing. Football has arrived. And with it a WHOLE lot of social love. In case you missed it (how dare you) Twitter + NFL + Live Streaming = Yaaasss. If you want in on some more Twitter/NFL action, then the special team emoji hashtags will rock your world. Speaking of new emojis...The Paralympics are happening and Twitter is ready to show some emoji support for Rio again. 

Facebook is of course, doing the damn thing. Want to grow your brand internationally? Well the social giant is here to help. And for all the people chiding you about your love for the internets and social media (no one else, really?) Prove. Them. Wrong. Facebook joy IS the same as having a baby or getting married! Because science...And to keep up with the Jones': Messenger is getting some snaptastic worthy features but also suggesting friends. Enough with the suggestions! If you want to keep your life on the DL, maybe update your settings. #kthanksbye This might also be worth a read, especially if you're still trying to use that silly name to avoid your coworkers from creeping (side eye guys, it's 2016, social creeping is a legit job now).

For advertisers: video crossposting is here, get ready. Think your mobile site is good to go? Think again, Facebook will help you but only if your mobile site is fast, ok? And since we're talking mobile, Facebook will improve it's mobile options too. Though coupons IRL are a pain to keep track of, in the digital space they aren't so tricky, at least Facebook wants to make coupons an easy option. App analytics is also getting a shiny new ribbon. 

Let's take a minute to tlak about the 'Gram. Photo maps is going away, did anyone really get into that feature though? Something exciting: night mode because no one stops gramming just because the sun goes down. And before you get all FOMO about your follower count, this is what it really looks like when you're drooling over some #foodporn. While you're on a roll for the perfect feed, consider hiring your Instagram Husband, for you know, pcitures and things...#yolo 

So we're all aware of Live video right? FB Live, Periscope for Twitter, and now YouTube is making a case for the Google. Pick a side! While we're on the subject of social copycats...Linkedin is embracing that #hashgatlyfe so get ready.

What's going on elsewhere...Today's teenagers just have no chill. London has the right idea here...#catsnotads #Iwantotgotothere And we all know that Hil was sick this apst weekend right? Well regardless how you feel about the election, Twitter is reminding us all that women are human and indeed, get sick. #stahp #canyounot And last but not least, iOS 10 is here, and here are the snazzy new features.

So much to catch up on, only so much time to get smart before somone mentions their undying love for PSL. Stay basic everyone.

 Stay tuned for more social media gossip, err updates, cat gifs, and happy hour news every week from our social media bubble. Want to talk social? Tweet at us or find us on the 'Gram