There are a couple of different ways to measure success of brands, there’s ROI, and then there’s KPI. Now most of you out there understand that ROI is Return on Investment. But KPI is a term that, unless you’re in the marketing or advertising world, you may not be as familiar with—and what KPI is are your Key Performance Indicators.

Now what is the difference between the two and which one is more important?

I believe that ROI is more C-Suite Level Executive important. It’s kind of that high level thinking process, making sure you’re hitting and setting those big goals. The KPI side is really about the strategy behind the marketing or the advertising activations that you’re doing. So, the strategic part I believe is a little more important—obviously you need to set those ROI big picture goals… but let’s face it—you’re never going to get there if you haven’t hit the KPI strategic end of the spectrum. Most importantly of course, is that both of those things are measured on a consistent basis.

You hear me saying this time and time again—consistency is key! I don’t care if it’s measurement, content, social, what have you-- being consistent will allow you to both get the best ROI and the best KPI for your marketing dollars.