November Social Update

First of all tomorrow is December…what? Christmas is going to be here in 2 days, and it’ll be NYE in a week. WAT.

How about that turkey month? I’ve been OBSESSED with Shameless so it has flown by. Suddenly it’s December and I’m shook but still in love with Lip. Before you put on your sparkly dress and bejazzle yo dranks, let’s talk internets.

Did you hit the stores this past weekend for deals? Fun fact: this weekend was LIT for social mentions. Sorry Tom, I know this year we’ll top the charts though.

The Socials:

Facebook food for thought: will it kill the future Facebooks? And will it kill what “real news” truly means? This makes me cringe a little, though somewhere someone is jumping up and down for joy. Speaking of good news/bad news, mass brand messaging may just save my life. #sorrynotsorry And Facebook is making a play for suicide prevention. How bow dat Live? Soon you might be able to have a fancy Live from different angles. Great for events amirite?

‘Gram progression – new languages. Now I just need to learn a new one…The limit does not exist – JK it does, for Stories that is. Please DO NOT overwhelm my feed with pics on pics of your latte…And since we’re on the page of ‘do nots’…IG what are you doing here?

Twitter is getting SERIOUS about some things…kicking people off, giving us more room to talk, and you know, dousing Trump.

LinkedIn is also trying to do the most. Need to touch up your resume? Gotchu. Need some fab video? Gotchu. You go Glenn Coco!

Are you ready for YouTube stories? Snaptastic: what do you think about this? Vine: blast from the past?


Need a social space to vent? This one’s got you covered. Need one for networking? You’re welcome. Wanna look sparkly? Here’s my personal new fave. Rather have some feel good apps? Give some food or bail someone out of jail.

Food Stuffs:

Work business:


Internet Gold:

I’m on my last episode of Shameless tonight so if you’ve got suggestions for a new show…need dat asap! Kthankxbye

p.s. I’m going to leave you with this…BAI

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