New EMB Office!

New EMB Office!

In case you missed it... we moved! (Just down the street, don't worry).

We have just opened the doors to a shiny, brand new office, and we cannot wait to let you in! We look forward to filling this new space with clients, EMB team members and memories. Our former offices created the groundwork for success and this new journey will be pivotal in the growth and progression of our company.

What are we most excited about?

Our new office is bright and offers the team an air of collaboration and creativity to continue to best serve our clients. 

Since we're all living in this digital world, we know how easy it is to be a social media addict. Do you ever wonder how that content is generated? We can show you! We have a brand new media room perfect for creating the stories of our clients and beyond, so stay tuned for some great live sessions with Laurel and the rest of the EMB team.

We are all thankful and excited for this new space and the opportunities that will come along with it. The view provides us with serenity, during our most complex work days. The extra light seeping through the windows offers positive energy, and absorbs any stress; and as we open our hearts to this new space, we feel gratitude for where we first began and where we are going.

With new hires, new clients and new strategies, we aspire to motivate others with content creation. In some ways, an office is just a space - but that's not how we work. It’s not the space that creates the energy, it’s the people within the space. Stop by for a visit, you know how much we love hosting!