Monday Social Updates: Stay Fabulous

Monday Social Updates: Stay Fabulous

Switching things up again, here’s what you might have missed last week on the internets:

So Pokémon has gone a step further than taking over lives of human adults and alienate people from their fave social networks…it’s becoming a big enough trend to have a dating app. Forget Tinder or OK Cupid, we met on the Poké dating site. Just in time for PokéGo to peak, so maybe we’ll stop hearing so much about it…#questionmark I finally saw my first Poké players on Sunday, so I’m on point with my timing. 

I’m skipping the whole AR search and sticking to my Netflix + chill game, it’s a more cat lady friendly option. Plus, with the new flixtapes playlists option I can get binge suggestions from all my cat lady frands. #sokewl #1990upinhere

On to some real social stuff:

Facebook Live is giving other video sharing platforms a run for their money. We checked the whole ‘save a video’ option a few weeks back and the NBA thing is pretty neat, but now streaming times are extended to up to 4, yes 4, hours. RNC did it last week and of course the Dems are into this week. So that might ruin it for you a bit, but otherwise it’s sweet. Facebook is at it’s prime Snapchat copy mode yet again, this time with ‘quick updates’. They didn’t last though. Is LinkedIn trying to get on the video train?? We’ll see…

In the bot world, FB Messenger reached 1 Billion users, muahahahaha One more step to the bot takeover

Twitter made everyone’s day for a split second, then ruined it at the same damn time. Verified accounts are all the rage now, that is, if you can actually get to the page. (I’ve been on that refresh for a minute now).

Snapchat might have had the best week though, Spiegel + Kerr = #filtergoalz. What a presh way to announce your wedding in the social world. It also snuck a few things by us: 

1. That BitMoji purchase

2. Those suggest features

3. But THIS: a ‘login with Snapchat’ feature. I’m into it! 

I’m feeling a little side-eye with the Snapchat though, it’s becoming so big that it’s losing what made it special, or naw? Some people disagree, and of course, want it to have more marketability for the $$$.

The Brand Corner

Love when Brands think outside the box, for good and for bad. Makeup brands are killin it this week with the social medias. Birch box is doing the damn thing when it comes to Snapchat customer service, and Sephora is helping you #swiperight for that new lip gloss. Okkkaaayyyyy!

Fun with food. 

Whats the weirdest prescription you’ve heard of lately? Potato chips? From a real life doctor?? Um yes, #IWantToGoToThere Meanwhile, this grandma wants to remind us all of the power of bacon#GTFO Don’t mess with gramps! Twitter is on that food train now, hello #foodporn lovers, get at it. 

Go forth and be fabulous, or just get through today…

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