Monday Night Madness: the Social Update

Monday Night Madness: the Social Update

So it's Monday all over again - JK, it's MONDAY NIGHT all over again. Monday flew by and boy, did it fly.

In Olympic news: the Phelps is still King Triton, the Fab 5 are still amazing, This athlete is #foodgoals, and marketers are still trying to play the games and not happy about it. #nosurprisehere

The Major Players:

Facebook wants to remind you, it knows all. Don't say Zuck can't predict what you like ok? Because algorithms don't lie. While it's throwing you the stuff of FB stalking dreams again, you can chat with KP via a Cat Bot (I'm dying over here) or get political and chat with your boy Barack. So that's cool. Just don't get distracted and forget that Facebook is still trying to take over. Your camera is next. Ad blockers be damned, it's going to get you!

Speaking of creeping and such, the 'Gram is going to start the predicting thing. If you haven't noticed, your Insta feed has been going through some major changes in the last few months. And it's not because you started doing more aerial yoga or decided to #eatclean. While you're thinking about the perfect hashtag combo or testing out the lighting with Clarendon vs. Juno, someone calls you, sends a "WHERE ARE YOU?!?!' txt, or you just get distracted because, well life, you used to have to put the insta fame on hold, deal with life, and try to remember what it was that you typed before to become so kewl. Rumor has it...that you can save those magical posts for later and go about your busy life. Ok, I'm down with that!

Are you on Snapchat still? If so congrats you're cool, if not, well you're one of them...I love the 'Gram just as much as the next gal, but I also love me some snaps! A Poké master would like to offer some professional (err really sir) advice on staying alive with the snaps. But Buzzfeed has made Olympic Gold so far, so there's that big win.

In app news:

Suddenly apps are tying to take over the world! Uber and Lyft are trying to get us to say hello cars, bubye buses. Well maybe that wouldn't be so awful. Yes, people are still obsessed with Pokémon Go. How obsessed you ask? You tell me...No really, tell me. And before you toss those leftovers, think about this app. Would you do it?

For Foods Sake:

If you thought you've seen it all at the Hollywood In' and Out line on a Friday night...well then you haven't been to Texas. This cowboy takes all the medals for drive thru weirdo of the year. (I would have lost more than my mind if I saw a horse in the drive thru... Before you get too excited about how many Pokémon you've caught/hatched/battled/grew recently, you can't call yourself a Poké master without eating one of these babies.

Last but certainly not least, for all the haters saying social media is ruining the might be ruining parts of the world, but science doesn't lie and science says we still like to hang IRL. So there. Get out, hang with your friends, and snap me about it.

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P.S. Did anyone catch this? I mean I get it but helpful slash creepy does it need to get?