Let's Get Social

Let's Get Social

What's new in the digital space? Here are a few things you should know from our social media manager:

This week on the interweb it was all about the social trends and changes to look forward to for the rest of 2016. Ooorrrrr at least that’s what I’m pretending. Chitchat aside, now let’s get in formation. 

First things first: the future of smart shoes is here. And Nike is proud to help us all forget how to tie our laces. But only if you are a Nike+ user…#rude And yes Uber is trying to take over the transportation world, but no, it won’t take your tween to Disneyland. #thankyouverymuch

You can love or hate Tinder but the app world is all about it-s idea of swiping. Swipe right to buy, sell, and more. #totheleft #totheleft

Are you freaking out about the Instagram algorithm change? You are not alone. We still have to suck it up though…here are some great tips to stay strong in this dark time. #youcandoit But before you become supes emo about it, chew on this even more depressing stat: the ‘gram had a 40% DROP in interactions. Say whaaatttt!??! #instasad So like does that mean Insta is done? No, but that leaves room for possibly better apps right? 

Drumroll please….Guys, Peach will rule the world! I’m still waiting for it to be prom queen again…Until then…share all your fave gifs on Twitter and every other social network who takes them on. While you’re getting all giphy - you can spend your day dreaming up new ways to converse via emoji and hope that someone picks up the idea! w/ International Waffle Day coming up – the waffle emoji is in high demand. What could this mean for future conversations? #emojicity

Facebook wants to stay on top of their shit with analytics (rightly so, because if they don’t we’re all lost right?) and have a couple of new goodies for advertisers to talk about. What does this mean? Better analytics and a look into the things that matter to advertisers. #yaasssss Since Insta has some splaining to do, it’s at least giving us a timing update. Bye bye wasted time guessing what 16 weeks really means and hellooooo real posting date. Just don’t get caught creepin by accidentally liking someones pics from 2014 okay?

Snapchat will rule the world. Seriously. As more brands turn to the little ghosty for a lil somethin somethin, it’s clear that it’s a Snapchat world and we’re all just living in it. But that’s ok, as long as you can geofilter that selfie right? If a geofilter selfie isn’t quite your style maybe VR will get you going. THE FUTURE IS SO EXCITING!!! Snapchat glasses, better than Google Glass because #snaptastic

Before I get too carried away in the current world of social networks and apps… it’s time to cue the music for bots. Like the digital ones. Once a just scary AI thought of 2015 with Facebook M, now bots are a more realistic possibility for the future. Like really real. (insert scary robot emoji). #runforcover

Another social trend: honesty. We all know the importance of maintaining a personal presence or a brand voice and being #onpoint with social but people just don’t get it. Yes your social media presence matters, why is that so complicated? A few major government accounts get it though, and they’ve made an impression! These two are true to keeping it real when it comes to social media. Kudos to you BART Tweeter and DC Water Tweeter. You do you boo boo. #tweetgoals

Before I leave you to dream of the future, let’s talk about this. It’s the weekend guys, so do it to it. #workworkworkworkwork  

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