Let's Get Physical

Let's Get Physical

It’s only fitting to talk about being active inside and outside of the office. Make a commitment to bettering your work, your company, and your well-being. Our team believes in creating a healthy environment, and you should too.

Take that first step; literally.  Fuel the sparks of your teammates, and motivate them through healthy office events. In the EMB space, we have squat challenges, walking meetings, stop drop and yoga moments, random dance parties and more. Sometimes you just need to get up and move!

Let the gains begin:  Become the strongest person you know, because you are worth it. In other words, lift up your energy and your motivation. Consistent exercise allows glucose and oxygen to easily transfer throughout your body and brain; which enhances your energy levels.  Did you forget to take your happy pill? Let exercise be your next dose of positive energy.

Drop it low: But seriously… working out can stimulate drive, but it can also drop your blood sugar, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol and more. You are not only increasing blood flow to the brain, but you are building tone, muscle, and confidence that will improve productivity in any environment.

It was only just a dream: Or was it? Incorporating fitness into your routine helps with mental sharpness, cognitive skills, rationale and creativity. You might be feeling a bit knaggy this morning, and coffee might not be doing the trick anymore. Let’s face it… bed head isn’t a good look. Through exercise, blood circulation to the brain becomes more activated. You’ll get to say goodbye to stress, and hello to improved moods and sleeping patterns.

Ever fear the bug? No one wants to catch the sickness floating around the office. Your immune system will even be better circulated and the increasing blood flow will reduce your chance of catching the cold. Spread productivity; not bed rest. Your coworkers will thank you later.

Find the pep in your step: Work gets stressful, and it can show in our attitude, actions and interactions. Get up and move around! Create hiking clubs, walking meetings and fitness classes all within your company network. Why not do a fitness tracking challenge or generate healthy snacks for the office? Join a half marathon, and run for a cause! The opportunities are endless! Take control, and become the energizer bunny of your office.

Make your office space the place to be. Step by step…day-by-day. It’s simple. Fit workers are more goal-oriented, less stressed, and more inspired, so give them a place to shine.

Be a beauty outside of work, and a beast in the office!

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