Laurel Minz featured in The Snob Magazine

Laurel Minz featured in The Snob Magazine

Laurel recently had the pleasure of interviewing Martin Riese, a certified water sommelier, for The Snob Magazine recently to learn more about the magic in H2O.

As a young boy, Martin Riese developed quite a thirst for water. While travelling with his parents around Europe, Riese was exposed to different local waters and, while most think of water as simply a necessity, Riese was able to taste distinct characteristics of various regions. Certified by the German Mineral Water Trade Association, Riese is hoping to use his expertise and palette to educate people on the wide varieties and benefits of the diverse global water offerings. At first glance, many may scoff at the concept of a water sommelier. In fact, Riese is the first of his kind in the entire U.S. As such, Riese fights a daily battle to educate the American public in his unique expertise, always remaining true to his core belief that consumers need options not just for wine and spirits, but also in the category of H20.

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