Laurel Mintz Interviewed on Women Worldwide

Laurel Mintz Interviewed on Women Worldwide

A recent guest star on the Women Worldwide podcast, Laurel Mintz shared her thoughts on her challenges in business, and what it takes for a company to thrive past the five year mark with show host, Deidre Breakenridge, another female powerhouse. 

On the show, Laurel discussed early on how she took over her father’s business when he was very ill, preparing her for the eventual launch of her own successful start up. She also imparted advice on the top qualities entrepreneurs possess, from the trusted and connected network to taking leaps (risks) even before they feel comfortable.

Women from around the globe share their incredible stories on Women Worldwide; those who have experienced the heights of success and at times, the agony of defeat. With a vision to impart wisdom and advice on tackling barriers and soaring to new heights, Women Worldwide uncovers different perspectives and approaches to help listeners find their inner strength.

Listen to the full interview here