January Social Update

So it is 2018...And shit is going down. 

Let's have a chit-chat about what is happening on the internets. First: The Pats are playing on Sunday, ARE YOU READY?!?!

In other news...Crypto currency was a big trending topic in 2017 and this year it's not slowing down, even Zuck himself is talking about cashing in on it. Blockchain fish, chicken and film?  Do you #crypto? Talk nerdy to me. We're still slowly making strides for diversity...Facebook, SAG awards, among others

The Socials

Insta is on one....New Story option, getting rid of our DMs, and adding Stories to Whatsapp. Err calm down. Just launched yesterday: telling people when you're online. Like why are you trying to throw people under the bus like that?? I'm all for this though...

And since IG is doing the most, you KNOW Facebook is on some changes too. Aside from the whole #newalgorithmwhodis thing...it's going to provide updates on posting frequency. As a professional social creep...I like this. Speaking of cool shit...this is a pretty cool feature (for brands). This seems like a bit much though. Speaking of changes, since the whole Russian election ads thing blew up, the Book is trying to get more serious (kinda).

WhatsApp is trying to get into your business, Snapchat is trying to cut costs, and soccer on AmazonTube?


Food (And Dranks)

Work Stuffs


Internet Gold

Ok, it's after 6 and I'm trying to get my facemask on...byyyeeeeee!

p.s. Who comes up with this shit? Like, why do we need a label for literally nothing...?

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