It's a murky social update

It's a murky social update

Mercury is in retrograde, as of like last week it feels like! But it officially started today careful out there!

Bad news for anything new basically ok? So beta testers and big purchases beware! 


Vertical videos, say whaaatttt. Yupp, Anyone else forget that they have to be captured horizontally and then just silently curse the day you lost said memory? No, just me...well whatevs. Now I can film vetically, ftw! In sad news, Trending Topics is now automated, and not in the good way. So long great descriptions of news I'd actually consider clicking on, hello lame name drop... For the advertiser in you - you can create slideshow apps on mobile now. #blessed #mobilemaverick And here are some updates on how to check those video ad metrics. #wootwoot Facebook at work: it's happening (not soon enough!) just real slow, ok?

As we continue to move towards an automated world, now you can donate to your favorite charity via Messanger! (The bots are seriously taking over!) And not so much animated, but guys, animated FB Live!!! And before you get too excited about Facebook...check your WhatsApp connections, just in case you want "some control" of what FB has on you.


Have you been loving the Insta Stories? Don't lie, you know you do. In case you haven't had time to play around with them...Insta will recommend some stories for you to watch! And here are some more updates you should check out. Let's talk ads for a hot minute, #didyouknowInsta ads are 25% video? Well, now you do. #yourewelcome


Brands get Twitter stickers. Yay? While we're talking about weird things Twitter keeps you can filter out the haters in your feed. Because ignoring them is better than nothing right? Last thing, Twitter is trying to get in on that Live Event action, just not yet?

In helpful Twitter news: Hate tweeting your complaints, well now you can DM a website? Yupp, you can do it. 


Big predictions are in play, 217 million users. Can it hang? With apps like this, Apple, and Instagram Stories...who knows!

In Random Social news:

Quick Rio recap: so much social mediaing was going on with the Olympics, so much! While you might be busy ignoring the joke of a presidential race, here's what they're doing on social, for now. And good ol' NYC is standing out with their metro game, always.

The Food Corner:

Speaking of crimes against food and humanity...Worst nightmare: being banned from ordering pizza. EVER. AGAIN. Like can you even imagine?? Shop local, get Uber rides, okaayyyy I'm into that!

That's all for now, stay inside and don't buy any new tech. Or else.

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