It's a Blonde, Poké kind of Social Update

It's a Blonde, Poké kind of Social Update

Err totes forgot it  was Friyay until I was standing at the Post Office w/ Allie mailing boxes of candy. Then it hit me. #TGIMF (interpret that how you want).

Let's Poké-do this:

So you've probs heard about the craze that is 'Pokémon Go' right? If not, IDK, get your life together. Anyhoo, it's the latest thing the kids are doing these days but it's not limited to kids anymore. Adults are getting into it, and they are getting into it like crazy. Not so bad right? Well, unless you're one of these primo Poké-gym locations it's kewl. Guess how many downloads it had in 5 days (I dare you). A lot right?! #poketastic It's even becoming a bigger deal than Twitter and in general, the social networks as a whole (check it: a messaging app!). So that's nice...Museums are into it, Hell, even Hil herself is on that Poké train! Well guess who else noticed how big this whole game is? That's right, marketers. And you know what that means: big business gainz and of course, ads. 'Mo downloads, mo problems, amirite? Well of course the ad industry is taking notes and plotting the next steps for ca$h money. #DoYouEvenPoke?

On with the bots: Whole Foods lovers rejoice, your chat bot is here! Need a recipe, want the price of your organic 365 cereal? Chat bot to the rescue! Need 3D support? You got it#godbless

Facebook is toying with us again, specifically with brand pages and ads. While FB Live is becoming a huge thing, for brands, politics, even tv! It's also a thing to share injustice and tragic events as we saw the past few days. Is FB ready to become the news real deal? Or should it be more filtered?

And let's take a moment for #socialjustice. Don't 'gram and drive guys, ok? Just don't. #drivingselfies are not ok.

Twitter is trying to make big waves too, signing TV segments for the kids and such. You want to share extra large Gifs? You got it! 15MB Gifs here I come! Let's not forget this actual cool news: new emojis that are totes tweetable#yaasssqueen

Instagram gave us this one thing: scheduling. And that's really cool yet tragic, because isn't that the whole thing we loved about it...(no, just me?).

In app news: this app is a pretty cool way to stand out with your Geofilter AND be a friend to the arts. #canihasdat

And in case you were indeed living under a rock this week, it was the 15 year anniversary of our favorite blonde role model, Elle Woods! #legallyblonde15 was a thing this week, and it was magical. So many lessons learned, so many pink shoes, so many quotes that will never die. #elleforpresident​

Ok that's all, I need to pack some boxes and avoid those Poké catchers...

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