Here's what you missed in social, btw it's August!

Here's what you missed in social, btw it's August!

Soooo is anybody else wondering how we're already in August?!?! #timeflies

Facebook has reached 1 billion, (with a B!) active mobile daily users. Say whaaaat?! Honestly, shocked that it's taken this long...(Snapchat is sitting comfy with about 150 million daily active users for reference.) Facebook also has a new option for celebrating your birthday: video cards. I'm pretty sure this was already a thing right? But it's news, so enjoy. Something new: mobile video feeds. Let me share the bad news: Android gets it first. So stay tuned for when iOS finally gets it...Speaking of iOS updates...we're getting 'Gender Diverse' emojis with the iOS 10 update. #diversity more like #girlpower

Instagram is stepping up it's game for user comfort. In light of everything that happened with Leslie Jones and the suspension of her major troll, the 'Gram wants it's community to have some power over who can say what. It's only for "high traffic accounts" so basically famous people for now, but it's a start!

Other exciting Insta news...BUSINESS PROFILES ARE HERE!!!!! So this might not excite the average user, but brand managers and social media managers everywhere are jacked. So that's cool. Have you seen them yet, what do you think?

Remember when Snapchat snuck in some major purchases last week? Well here is your Bitmoji snap guide

Twitter is getting all kinds of cool and sporty. We know about the NFL deal (thank baby jesus, football season is almost here!!!) but it's getting friendly with the MLB and the NHL. The sports world has some pretty tech savvy and dedicated fans so good move? It had it's first live stream this past weekend, so we'll see as the games continue. Side note, it's going dark. As in Twitter is getting a night mode, again, just for Android to start. #WaitWhat #rude

Rumor has it: don't believe everything you read on the internets. Case and point: dog pooper scoopers. Great lesson for us all, step back and think for a minute.

In the food world: Whole Foods, go home, you're drunk. Speaking of eating and drinking...for your french fry cravings: consider a walking drive-thru?

Last thing, the summer games start ASAP, so here's what you need to now right now: Facebook of course wants us to celebrate. Get ready for some more filter magic this weekend! #rio And while the US will be rocking boat shoes and some questionable choices, Cuba gets Loubis. #drool So that's fair... That's all for now, there's already some Insta stuff buzzing around so stay tuned for the next update!

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