Get your eclipse fix… before it’s too late

Get your eclipse fix… before it’s too late

What’s the haps on the internets? Sientente and I’ll give you some stuffs to read.


In television news:

The world is a weird and mysterious place…so why am I shocked by this McDs trivia?


Monday got you down: here’s your hangover breakfast. Prefer a burger to cure your summertime sadness. Pass, I’ll save my #instafood pic for this. Food festival fomo? At least you can healthfood at home. “It’s the most boutique water on the planet.” LOLZ. Prefer something a little more boozy? Pink tequila or macho gin might be the beverages for you. Not trying to go hard? Well have a beer. Your creative self will thank you. Some pizza porn to get through the day (Young Molly please tell me you know this movie). In case you want the food but don’t want the grocery lines: Aldi and Amazon got you.

The social networks:

Another day, another redesign and copycat. Speaking of redesign, this influencer update is going to be a hot mess. Snapchat is keeping video lit and Twitter is going through some changes as well (love it).

In app news:

Jenn’s only saving grace for being a Droid fan: social apps don’t drain her battery. WAT. I am so done with people. Hair emergency? This app is here to help. Not so much an up but is your face ready for flying?

For your life:

Missing deadlines is proof that you are human. But if you can help itFix yo phone (no nudez please). How do you feel about emoji emails? Not everyone is into it apparently.

The Eclipse. It’s happening. No, you can’t see it from Griffith sadface but I can give you some eclipse trivia or snacks perhaps? Think about this next time you karaoke.

Fun Stuff:

Need some inspo to do something for the planet? How bow dat – seriously straws kill.

And lastly, for your musical pleasure: this.

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