Friday Social Update

Friday Social Update

It’s Friday night, Denise’s sister just had an adorable (yes, actually) human creature child, and I’m getting closer to the GoT finale aka that #JonSnowBooty. What’s good party peeps.

It’s clearly been a while, so I’ll catch you up & send you on the way with the usual random internets business. Cheers!


It’s Fall. You know that means the dreaded PSL IS BACK. And I’m so over it already, like really? REALLY?? That also means prepare for Octoberfest and winter is coming. Hellooo Jon Snow Booty. (I’m finally on Season 7 btw, it lit). 101 days till Christmas ya’ll! I’ll just put this on my #giftlist.

In the food world:

Me + wine isn’t a questions but this…? Hmm I’ll hold off on the Insta wine for now. I’ll be fancy and stick to celery yasss! Moving on: #weddinggoals. It was recently Nat’l Cheese Pizza Day, and to celebrate here are some #fuglypizzapics (on purpose?).

And last but not least, can we PLEASE stop w/ the “millennial pink” nonsense? Rosegold has been around for a while now…

Apps to check:

Forget HouseParty, Bonfire is where FB says it’s at. Need some news relief? Swipe for it. And while you swipe, be fancy. But use your best profile pic with this.

Everyone is trying to become LinkedIn…Facebook and Bumble, oh my! Yes Twitter, we hate you. But only until this shit happens and it’s true love again.

If you’re into hitting that snooze button, FB says #YASSSBITCH we do too. Err couldn’t you already hide that shit? FB is the night king….? It only makes sense.

Insta Stories on mobile web? Who da fuq even uses mobile web apps? Hold please, I’m trynta get my glitter mask on while I read up on my weed stuffs.

In advertising news…WAT. FB ads have had some odd moments but really? Snapchat is pulling a Facebook on Facebookcopying the ad stuffs, verrry niiiccceeee.

Google is taking over, but are we surprised? It’s even got a friend! Maybe Google should work on ending click farms instead…It does track what you search though.

For the work life: another fall, another chance to get your shit together. While you’re at it, maybe update that password. With your face?


The grand finale: fun stuff 101

Ok its past my bedtime and the dragon nightmares are about to begin.

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Ps. Meow!