Friday Eve Social Update

Friday Eve Social Update

It’s Friday Eve. Treat yo self to a spicy marg because science. How bow dat?

Facebook is up to lots of no good. Copying the Snapchat is just another day. What else should you look for? Bots for starters. And some new comment options may pop up (get it, pop up??), a place for unified messaging (like finally), along with that rude video autoplay with sound dag nabbit. Don’t worry, someone always finds a solution to your problemz, so until we can find a way to ignore, deep breathes. Speaking of solutions…change up your name with these tips and add your fave country flag while you’re at it. #yourewelcome The biggest slash most interestingest change of them all? Getting a job. Through the Facebook. On the Internets. Yes, it’s a thing. While you’re checking out all the new stuffs, here is one more Facebook tidbit to creep on…Add some reactions of love, because Facebook stands by the change (didn’t we beg for something different…whatever) and is happily bragging about it’s reaction counts.

Have you been Live lately? Chances are you’ve had to balance the comments and reactions pop-ups while getting down with your bad self in your Live. Problem solved: you can hide them! If you’re still just trying to figure out what ‘Going Live’ means…I can’t with you. But here is a resource for the Live social media slowpokes. #getyourshittogether

Twitter has also been trying to give us some updates, miss the lot? It’s ok, so did a lot of people….at any rate, check them out and use this guide to stay updated. In bot news, apparently Twitter is home to lots and lots of bots. 48 million to be exactish. Rude. Speaking of bots…Ever wonder if you’re tweeting with a really good bot or a really cool human? Well T-Mobile wants to make that dream a reality. How long until errebody else catches on?  

Bond with your Insta fam on 3/25 for InstaMeet 15! Now let’s get chat more on Insta updates. Instagram Stories are getting location stickers to throw some Snapchat shade. The ads are coming the ads are coming! To Stories that is…and with the carousel update it’s like we've completely forgotten the point of the Instagram we knew and loved. Time to wait for the next app to be cool until it gets too big for it’s britches. In the mean time, save your pics the easy way. So you did the Whole 30? Give yourself a pat on the back before you post those filtered foodie pics! Insta rocked that trend before it was kewl, how bow da? Speaking of Insta trends, how much do influencers make? Here’s some insight. Before you judge the younger generation for selfies and privacy settings, read about the privacy trend that the kids are doing these days. 

As the privacy trend continues to shift we come to the classic debate: Snapchat or Instagram Stories? What side are you on? Does it count if you use both? If you ask me what the Snapchat is…. Leave right now. Let's move on to people who do care. Advertisers are still flocking to the little ghost despite what some people say. I’m still #TeamSnapchat thank you very much. Especially with these filters! Though it’s a great tool for PR and brand growth, it’s not quite the hot spot for influencers just yet. Snap stock? Well it had some highs and lows, buy at your own risk.

LinkedIn has been talking about a redesign for a while now, and finally gave it to everyone this spring. Check out the design plus how to navigate. In case that redesign wasn’t enough for you, you’ve got options! Hello vanity networking site, goodbye professionalism. Oh wait, did I say that.

All about the apps. 

Phones are getting that ‘Pimp My Ride’ treatment. Hello Blackberry and iPhone 8 fancy face technology. But maybe wait on that 8 update

The emojis are coming!!! More emojis are making their way to FB, so let’s get ready to parrtaayyy! (Is anyone else as jazzed about this as me?) Why should you care about emojis? Well aside from being one of the best tools for communicating with the internets, emojis have some great numbas for brands. They help with those handy dandy push notifications AND they get you that Insta love. Wanna stand out with your emoji use? Check this out. #yourewelcome

In pizza news…This company brings a whole new meaning to full service. Pizza that bakes while it’s delivered? Hell yes! While you deliberate Papa John’s vs. Pizza Hut for your Tinder Netflix & chill date, Dominos is celebrating the true meaning of love. With a wedding registry. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?! And if you want to find that special someone but you’re afraid of dating someone with poor taste in toppings, this restaurant has you covered. Honestly IDK why no one has thought of this before, I mean…pizza toppings are not a joking matter. Speaking of topping wars… Pineapple = blah. (I just want to go on record for that).

If a pizza registry isn’t quite your style, don’t worry my friend, tacos are the next best thing! Taco Bell wants to make that dream come alive. Yes, you can in fact, get married at Taco Bell. (invite me to your wedding. DO IT). And here is one more brand for the customer service win: KitKat. It may or may not be one of my fave nicknames but it’s also the next best thing to find in your car. Not that many things could be better than a car full of KitKats. If sweets are not your jam, maybe a Big Mac is? This ATM has got you covered. #howbowdat

And theeeennnnnn:

Sometimes the digital world gets a little extra and takes over IRL. First of all Mansplaining. It’s a thing, we’ve all experienced it. While you may still be trying to figure out the whole mansplain thing, Oxford (as in the dictionary) is taking terms and making them legit. Yass Queen! And here is a hilarious solution.  This beauty product is an example…I mean…really? Isn’t that like foundation or CC cream or…something that already exists? Speaking of beauty trends…fake freckles? No, just no. As a ginger I have earned my freckles. Why can’t we just all get along with our own facial features? And though what you say on social media can be considered freedom of speech (still debating AI assistants), is being on the social medias a right or naw? Just take a breather, put your phone down, and live a little. It’s for your health

Last thing, we need dis game. For the office. ASAP.


P.S. You may or may not know my love of Gifs but this is taking Gif power to THE NEXT LEVEL.

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