Facebook Launches New 'Donate Now' Button for Charities

Facebook Launches New 'Donate Now' Button for Charities

Exciting news! Facebook has recently rolled out a new call-to-action or CTA button for nonprofits, ‘Donate Now.’ Previously, CTA buttons were introduced for business pages last winter and some nonprofits were able to add a complicated “Donate” plugin to their pages. This is a free and simple way for nonprofits to engage with viewers and potential donors on social media.

The button works on desktop and mobile devices making it an ideal way to reach potential donors and increase annual giving. (New #GivingTuesday campaign ideas anyone?)

Adding the CTA to your nonprofit Facebook page will only take a few minutes; we have highlighted the process below.

How to install the button:

On your Facebook page, scroll to the right side of the header image and find where the CTA is. 

It will say ‘Create Call To Action” unless you have already created one.

After selecting the dropdown arrow, go to “Edit Call To Action” and select ‘Donate Now’.

After selecting the right button, you will enter the url for your donation page.

Once you have entered the website url, you can see how the CTA will look on the web and via mobile, then select the ‘Create” button. 

After you’ve saved the changes you can also view the insights. Click on the ‘Donate Now’ button and select “View Insights”. 

You can view how the CTA is performing as well as promote it to gain more views and donations, a great option if you have an event or fundraiser coming up.

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