Everyone Is Getting on the 'Live' Bandwagon. And other social news.

Everyone Is Getting on the 'Live' Bandwagon. And other social news.

The day is long, the week flew by, and just like that we meet again for the social update. Feeling fab. #werk

YouTube is joining the live streaming game but only on it’s mobile app…we’ll see how this works out. Old news now but did you hear, Tumblr went live too. #bandwagon

Facebook Live is taking over. 140 lucky big brands and celebs are about to become your new FB obsessions, because this. Phone a friend? You got it, well soon. It’s kind of like three-way calling, but without trying to trick someone into spilling their biggest secrets because, well we cans see them. And it’s on the internets…Ready for VR reactions? Facebook is letting you get emoji with it for your 360 viewing pleasure. On top of basically taking over everything…Facebook is trying to get real friendly with VR and beginning it’s take over the gaming industry

It’s also making some changes on the information sharing side in regards to our profile info for personal and for ad use. It’s really making advertisers jump through hoops to get things done. Time will tell how much this really hurts…

Amex joined the bot world and is showing us all how its done. How are bots working for other companies you ask? 1-800 Flowers has this action going on. #gobotsgo

Twitter is still trying to become fetch. Loving the latest emoji # additions but the 'influencer network' could use some work…Hello Engage, enter confusion and problems switching accounts. Still. #whatishappening

The ‘Gram brought some big guns to the show this week. 500 million monthly users. With an M. Yeah, that’s legit. It also wants you to see all the videos, or at least the ones it thinks you’ll love. And to top it off, no 'grammer should be restricted from seeing that “Double Tap for…” post, no matter where they be grammin from! Translations are an in-app thing now, so search, hashtag, and double tap to your hearts content. 

GUYS STOP EVERYTHING. FLOTUS has joined the Snapchat era. BRB, adding and becoming Snap besties with ‘Chelle. Also this. #snapgoals

Netflix and bye? Apparently a lot of people are not down with the price increase. #boybye Can this offline feature save those subscribers? Who knows.

In other app news…the dating game is rough out there, let me tell you. Creepy messages, getting stood up, friend zoning (not so bad actually), and then some. This kind of app could be a lifesaver! #ghosted In addition to navigating the dating scene, family time becomes a major player. Thankfully my family isn’t this desperate to have me tied down. #cannoteven And Dropbox wants you to love it more, introducing Dropbox collaborations! GoT lover? Sweet, if you’re in the mood for a laugh at someone else’s expense you’ll want to check this out

And as summer beach parties, premieres, and just plain hot days that you don’t want to drive continue, Uber is going to confuse you less and just charge you straight up. Phew, no more surge math and awkward waiting.

We all know how social media has changed the business world, nowadays if you can’t complain to a company about its poor customer service or thank them for remembering your b-day on the ‘Gram is it even worth existing? Social media has also affected the whole recruitment process, for both jobs and for college. Bots, tweets, and video applications. What could be next?

On to the foods!!! Girl Scout cookies are gone, inhaled within moments of their purchase. But now you can enjoy them year round – in cupcake form. #yaasss

The fast food world can be cruel, heartless, and unforgiving, especially when it comes to food trends. (BK chicken fingers anyone???) Here is another fast food trend to get your hopes up: Mac ’n Cheetos. #ImDone They aren’t messing around! If you aren’t feeling them, cool, just don’t be a dick. (Looking at you milkshake guy) Another trend I want to see? This. Charging your phone never got so tasty…But can I get that in the wine aisle though…? #Iwanttogotothere

While you’re waiting for that Friday feeling to sink in, take this quiz and tell me how fetch you are. Hugs and Ta ta for now!

P.S. Martha is #goals.

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