EMBiz - What in the World is Web 3.0?

What in the World is WEB 3.0?

Laurel Mintz

What Web 3.0 Can Mean for Your Brand

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Today we’re going to talk about Web 3 or Web 3.0 and what that actually is so that you can speak intelligently cause there’s so much jargon out there, there’s so many conversations and people try and scare you with, you know, what’s new and next. And it’s important that you stay up-to-date on what these technologies are and what they mean for your brand.

So, Web 3 or Web 3.0 is exactly that, it’s the third generation of these new technologies, right, of these online technologies specifically. So think about all the things that we’re kind of inundated with nowadays: AI, AR, VR, the Metaverse, things like that, those are all considered advanced technologies and exist in what is called that Web 3.0 world, right.

Web 3.0 is infinitely scalable

The exciting thing about it is that it actually is based on the theory, really, of decentralization, that everyone will have access to these kinds of technologies because the internet is so ubiquitous. Meaning that it is everywhere. Which is pretty cool, because that means that there should be more transparency, that these conversations especially around marketing and some other areas will be very data driven, right. And that it’s infinitely scalable. There’s a lot of more technical pieces to Web 3.0, but really, all you need to know, for right now, is that it needs to be looked at as the modern, that next iteration, that next generation of internet technology. 

The possibilities of Web 3.0 are endless

Now that might not be important to your brand right now, that might not be important to your brand in the future. But it is important that you understand what it means so that you’re not confused by all of this marketing jargon that’s out there. So I hope this shed a little bit of light on Web 3.0 and I hope that you’ve also gotten a little bit excited about it. I think that these have huge implications for what is possible from a marketing perspective and the kinds of technologies, the kinds of companies that we build on these technologies are really going to change the world. So I hope you’ll go out there and do some more homework and that I’ve demystified Web 3.0, just a little bit for you.

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