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Slow Down To Speed Up

Laurel Mintz

Take It All In

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. I want to talk today about slowing down to speed up. Now I know like a lot of you out there, you want to go go go go go, and we have built this society that makes us feel like we have to move at a million miles a minute. You’ve got to get that email responded to, you’ve responded to that text, that phone call. Whatever that is, we have to move so quickly. But when we do that, we fail to really take in the nuances of the relationship, the client work, the team around you, and how important it is to build all of that along with obviously moving your work forward. 

Slow Down

So I want to take a moment today to talk about slowing down to speed up, and how important it is to not only do the day-to-day tactical work, but take the time and make the time to have that 30,000 foot view either for your own business or your client work. And one of the ways that we do that at Elevate My Brand is by creating a block of time after every single client meeting. 

Operationalize The End Goal

So after the meeting we block 10 to 15 minutes. And we use a project management software so that we have basically different pods that has all the different types of client work within it. And so after each meeting, our job as the account management team is to go in and add all of the next steps, all of the relevant information that we garnered on that call, and turn those into actionable and time-driven activities. Because having conversations is great, the schmooze with the client is great, but if you are not operationalizing the end goal, the processes and the needs of those clients, then you are going to just be having conversations and the end result is going to be an unhappy client. 


So making sure that you are taking the time after those big conversations to take those tactical pieces of data that you receive from the client and building those into a process that is time-driven, time stamped, and that everyone that is on the team knows what the rules and responsibilities are in terms of those deliverables is what is going to make your life easier as a business owner, and deliver an end result to the client that is really fantastic. Happy clients, happy team. Operationalizing all of this is how you really do that. 

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