EMBiz - Set A Good Example For Mental Health

Set a Good Example For Mental Health

Laurel Mintz

Being Honest

So I haven’t been totally honest with you. I know that you’ve seen a lot of my content. I show up really bubbly and happy and joyful and that is absolutely who I am. But, this year I was not walking my own talk. I hit a wall. I was burnt out, and so recently I actually went on vacation which was a miracle. 

Putting On Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

I really push my team to take their vacation days. I’m what is called an empath so I can feel when someone is not doing well and mental health is so critically important. But I wasn’t doing it for myself. So I wanted to share that conversation with you today and let you know how important it is to lead by example and make sure that you are putting your own oxygen mask on first.

Message Of Self Care

I didn’t realize how at the edge of that I was before I took this vacation. And now I feel like I am ready to take on 2022, ready to support my team and my clients in the best way possible, and I wanted to share that really important message of self care with each and every one of you.

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