EMBiz - Pandemic Leadership: Pivot

 Pandemic Leadership: Pivot

Today I want to talk through your emergency strategy. I know you’ve got a strategy of stop, drop and roll if you’re lit on fire. I know you’ve got a strategy about going under a doorway during an earthquake. But how many of you have thought about your emergency strategy when something like COVID hits? Hopefully this is never something that has to happen again, but I do think there’s a huge opportunity for you to be innovative in your product, service or offering.

So my challenge to you is to think through ways that you can tweek what you offer to make it more bulletproof for situations like this. I’ll give you a perfect example: At Elevate, we do a lot of experiential moments, which are IRL events where you’re touching and talking and having a lot of human interaction. Because of COVID, we just aren’t doing that anymore so we had to pivot our offering to create an experiential offering that was digital. So we’re doing things like door stop drops and virtual dinner parties and really cool experiential moments that are unique and fun and engaging, because let’s face it, everyone has zoom fatigue right now. That’s how we have pivoted.

My question to you is - What can you do now to innovate for your company? Don’t be an ostrich. We saw early on that people were sticking their head in the sand and pretending that this wasn't happening. I think this has been an amazing opportunity for us to figure out how we can do what we do better, faster and different. After all, marketing 101 is how you differentiate yourself.

So how are you differentiating yourself and setting yourself up for long term success if something like this would ever happen again. Let us know, we’re so interested to hear. And of course, we’re here to help you make sure you’re conveying this message of your new product or service to your audience.

So go out there, be innovative and be fabulous.