EMBiz - Letting Go Of "Control Freak" Leadership

Letting Go Of “Control Freak” Leadership

Laurel Mintz

You Can’t Work Alone

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Today I wanted to have a really honest conversation with you about being a control freak leader. Particularly, those of you who know me, I have a tendency to lean in that direction. I feel like it’s just part of my nature as an A-type personality. But the truth is that business is not scalable if you hold everything so close to your vest. 

Be Honest and Trusting

You have to be really able to trust your people, and that really truly starts with training and being very clear on roles and responsibilities. So I wanted to have this very honest conversation with you today because I am having a personal challenge in my business in letting go and relinquishing control, and making sure that the team feels supported and that they can really take the client work and run with it. 

Don’t Hold Your Team Back

It’s not an easy process, I don’t care if you are one, two, or two hundred, or two thousand people in your company. But it’s a really important lesson because if you don’t relinquish control then your people feel like you don’t trust them, that they don't have the control to go out and spread their wings, and really show what they are capable of within your company. And to me, that’s part of why I started this agency in the first place, was to empower other people to showcase their amazing creative, technical, and data-driven skills. And, to be able to use those skills to support more small, medium, and enterprise sized businesses. 

But you know, for us, it’s all about honesty and transparency, so I thought that this visible and vulnerable conversation was really important for me to share with each and every one of you. So I hope that you will take this and try to relinquish one or two things. I know it is not comfortable, but it’s so important for the growth of your brand.

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