EMBiz - Interview For The Right Culture Fit

Interview For The Right Culture Fit

Laurel Mintz

It’s hiring season

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. If you are anything like us, you’re starting to see things loosen up a little bit. People are getting back to business as usual, and that means hiring. 

The EMB hiring process

Now we just started hiring a little while ago, and people have been commenting on the process that we developed to make sure that we find the right fit. So I thought that I would share that with you a bit today. 

The culture fit

So the process goes like this: First they talk to me, well first they get filtered through their resume. Right, of course they got to have the right skill set. Then they get to me and when they talk to me, we have like a 10-15 minute conversation that’s really all about vibe and culture fit. Because the truth is, even if their resume is great, if you don’t feel like they are going to be integrated easily into your team and they don’t have the same ethos and value set that the rest of your team has, and that you do as leadership for your team, then it’s never doing to be the right fit. 

Put them on the spot

So I ask them really weird and wacky questions. I ask them what people would say behind their backs if they didn’t like them. What their favorite word is. And that is really to try and get a sense of how they react to things. How they respond to being put on the spot and that also really shows you the difference between, kinda, you show up and we really try and put on our perfect brave face, versus how we have to act when we put on a little pressure. 

The skillset fit

After that, they talk to someone on our team, usually Cody, who drills down into their skillset to determine if we think they can really do the job. And then, of course we make the offer. So it’s a very iterative process, but most importantly I think is making sure there is a good culture fit so that your team feels really supported and connected with whoever you hire.

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