EMBiz - How to Create an Irresistible Offer

How to Create an Irresistible Offer 

Laurel Mintz

Irresistible Offers for Digital Success

Hi everyone, Laurel Mitz here with Elevate My Brand. Today I want to chat with you a bit about irresistible offers. You may or may not have heard this term before, I feel like it's kind of a term of art that we use at Elevate. You've probably heard of a pop up or some sort of offer or freemium model, something along those lines, but the long and the short of it is when you you are out there in the digital universe, your goal is to connect with your audience and use that connection point to build your email marketing list or increase your engagement on social whatever that key performance indicator of success for your brand or your campaign might be. It is absolutely critical that you do this by offering something of value to your audience. 

Creating Valuable Exchanges with Your Audience 

So most of you are very familiar with this from a retail model perspective. So you go to, I don't know, Forever 21, Com Gap, wherever you shop. Don't judge me on those two… And there's a pop up that comes up that says 10% off your first order or free shipping. Now, as a consumer, that's really exciting. We're like, yes, I will sign up for that because I see the value in that for me as the consumer. But there is also an enormous value on the brand side because they're being really smart and capturing your information. That means that they can remarket to you over time, because it might not be in that moment that you're ready to make that purchase or that hiring decision. So it's really about building up your list, building up your contacts, building up that audience and remarketing to them and building that relationship in a very smart and meaningful way, so that when they are ready to make a purchase decision, you're the one that's top of mind. So at Elevate, we call it your IO or your irresistible offer. And we typically test these on a quarterly basis because what might deliver for you today might not deliver for you next quarter, next year, next month, whatever you want to make sure you are always testing and iterating. I would say one of the best starting points for developing that IO is thinking to yourself, what are the questions that I get every single day about my business? Right? So for us, it's things like, what's the difference between marketing and advertising? How do I define a marketing budget? How do I get higher social engagement or click through, conversion? All of those things. And so we develop content on our pop up that helps to solve for that problem and provides value again, in exchange for information. So that's how you create, and why you should create an irresistible offer! Now go forth and create yours.

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