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Always Elevate Your Process

Laurel Mintz

How to Elevate Your Process

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. I want you to know that we’re always trying to elevate our own brand. So I thought I would share with you how we do that today. 

Connect with your team

Well the first thing that I always do is one-on-ones with every single one of my teammates. I want to make sure that they are feeling supported and connected. And the truth is that we all have different experiences, so sometimes I’ll have a one-on-one conversation and someone will bring either a new brand or product or service, or even something that as a vendor product could be really helpful for our agency. 

Integrate elevated solutions 

So for example, we started using the platform, Miro to do our whiteboard sessions. It’s a super creative, innovative technology-based whiteboard platform that allows us to have a little more fun and there are music integrations, there is timing, there are sticky notes. You can really do anything you want with it. And that is an example of how we took an old process and really evolved it based on a suggestion from one of our teammates. 

So make sure you’re always asking them how you can support them on what they need and what they're seeing out in the world that they think might be a great integration into your business. You never know where the innovation and elevation is going to come from. 

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