EMBiz - 3 Tips for Greater Instagram Engagement

3 Tips for Greater Instagram Engagement

Hi guys Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Let’s talk about how to get better engagement on social media. It’s one of the big questions I always get: How can I get more bang for zero buck? Whenever I talk to people with limited budgets, a few things that I talk about are social media and content marketing. So we’re gonna focus a little bit on how to tell your brand story on Instagram specifically today.

The first thing I want to point out if you’re not doing already is creating teasers. Now you all know probably that I do a ton of speaking, I’m on camera a lot, and I have a lot of opportunities to leverage other people's brands - and I want you to think about how you can do that as well, whether that’s as cross promotion, whether you’re hosting a webinar, or if it’s really just drilling down the specifics of your brand. Are there giveaways that are happening? Are there holiday promotions? Things that you can create visual and graphic teasers to to get people really excited about the brand. And that kind of helps to stretch that experience to a longer capacity within content, specifically of course to Instagram.


Number two is going live with behind-the-scenes. People love to see how the donuts are made. They love to see that your life is real and that you are a real human especially in today’s day and age. We want to know that the people we’re talking to are real human people. The human element and the humanity behind brands is so important - it helps with that connectivity and also people love to see the flubs, they love to see the mess ups. None of us are perfect but so many of us hold ourselves out to be that, especially as it relates to social media. But I have always found that it’s when I’m vulnerable, it’s when I’m real and human, that that’s when people connect more and my numbers tend to increase. 

Number three is using polls and asking questions. It’s kind of a psychological effect. Whenever you ask a question, someone is psychologically going to answer it whether they do it via the poll or they reach out to you on social or even if they just do it in their own head. It’s a very real psychological effect. So asking questions will innately get people to engage more with your brand, even if they’re not doing it live with you, they’ll be asking themselves that question and answering it as well. 

So those are a couple of really great ways to tell your story better on social media, on Instagram specifically. So I am charging you! Your homework is to go and test these out if you haven’t done them already and see what the impact is for your brand. And of course the numbers will tell you everything, so make sure that you’re watching your metrics and setting specific KPI’s for every channel including social media. Thanks for turning in!