Elevate Your Social!

Elevate Your Social!

When it comes to the digital world you know we’re hard at work to keep you informed and relevant. We keep track of social trends so that you don’t have to. This month we’re highlighting Facebook updates and what’s new on the social giant for your brand:

Do you know if your friends like your company page?

Before you go and try to search and invite them, why not just use this handy little tool to invite all your friends to like your page. It’s as easy as download, login, and select invite!

Are they seeing all your content?

Encourage them to check the “See First” option after they’ve liked your page to make sure they can always see your page updates and to know that your content is being received.

So you like Gifs?

A few weeks ago Facebook announced that it would allow Gifs to be posted on users walls, and even more recently it announced that soon we will be seeing the video option as a profile picture update!

Why does this matter?

As Facebook rolls these changes out to users, we can see what works, what doesn’t, and plan how to integrate it in to your social strategy when they roll it out for brands!

Facebook Mobile: are you using it for your brand?

The mobile version of Facebook for business used to be confusing and hard to use, now they’ve made it user-friendly and improve it often.

Things to check out:

Messaging - Stay up-to-date with any customer needs. Any questions about your brand products and services or even new business opportunities.

Insights - Want to see your page results before we send the monthly analytics report? Go ahead and check out your weekly snapshot whenever you want! You can see how your posts are performing any new likes, and other engagement.

At an event? Share it! à We know you are busy, that’s why we do what we can to help your business grow! We’ve probably hounded you for a picture or two but you can also upload them on the go! Share something behind-the-scenes, a new product, or just a great cocktail after a hard days work.


Call-to-action buttons, or CTAs, are a great way to encourage your viewers to take action rather than keep scrolling. They can be added to Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram posts, and all basic marketing materials as a way to encourage real actions.

Why does this matter?

Have you checked out your business page CTA lately? Keeping Facebook CTAs up to date and relevant is another great tool to keep in your marketing toolbox. By adding a link to purchase a product, sign up for a newsletter, or connect to an app, you will really make Facebook work for your brand. Are you a Nonprofit? Facebook also recently added the “Donate Now” button to capture fundraising opportunities and establish a bigger social justice presence. An added bonus? You can check insights for each week to see what CTA has performed the best and even promote your CTA.

Facebook Video Ads

If you already use Facebook ads you can see the value in social advertising and how it can benefit your business. Facebook rolled out video ads earlier this spring and has made quite a few updates making them very helpful for brands that use them.

Why does this matter?

Video ads can be a great way to stay ahead of your competition and come out looking more innovative. As more case studies are published, there are more changes and updates to allow Facebook video ads to perform better and remain an affordable and useful tool.

Are you ready for Instagram ads?

You may have heard that Instagram ads have been available to only a select few very brands-that’s all changed. Facebook now allows more brands all over the world to advertise and we’ve got a leg up on how to get Instagram ads started and make them work for you!

Why does this matter?

Instagram is the best platform for instant content and creating conversations and growth for your brand, using Instagram ads can boost your following and increase your brand awareness.


If you’d like more info on anything, you know we’re always here to give you our honest feedback and answer any questions you might have.