Efficiency: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Efficiency: Work Smarter, Not Harder

As the old American adage goes, hard work will always pay off. But here at Elevate My Brand, we believe that smart work will pay off even more. As the American workforce is consistently ranked as having longer working hours than its European counterparts, our culture still rewards longer hours and measures success based on office time rather than promoting ways to work smarter, not harder. Here are some tips to improve productivity and learn how to spend your time at the office wisely.

Tackle the toughest task first

            If you have a really important project you know you have to get done that day, don’t push it off or procrastinate until 3pm. Jump that hurdle first thing during your work day and you’ll feel less stressed throughout the day and won’t be rushed finishing that project.

Shut out Interruptions

One of the biggest threats to consistent productivity is facing the barrage of distractions from working in an office, whether it’s e-mail notifications or employee interactions, but if you set aside even just half an hour with absolutely no interruptions, that time can produce greater work than trying to multitask everything during a longer period of time.

Get Moving!

            Especially if your job entails staring at a computer screen for long hours, give your eyes a break. Give your body a chance to exercise, even if it’s just a short walk around the block. If you’re really stuck on something, move your body and give your mind a chance to wander. It may even spark a creative thought process.

Clean your space

A disorganized or messy desk can lead to a cluttered mind. A little cleaning around your work space can do wonders for how you approach your tasks throughout the work day. It’ll put you in more control of your actions and make you feel productive, rather than swamped with papers and books.

Track your time

There are great online tools or mobile apps that you can utilize for time tracking. Getting in the habit of tracking how much time is spent on different aspects of your work gives you a sense of how long certain tasks take. This can give you a better understanding of how to schedule your day or bunch certain tasks together. Stay tuned for more at Elevate My Brand.

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