December Social Update


Wowee wow wow – it’s almost 2018 ya’ll – and we’re ready for purple power! First of all STAR WARSSSSSSS. It’s here, it’s happening, and I’m so jacked to see it. I hold out for the movies I’m really excited to see so I can read all the spoilers and be prepared for errethang.

Football season is in full swing and that means the playoffs are just around the corner. I’m on my nail-biting game because the Pats have been doing the most lately at doing the least…Want to get started on your football? #SNF is becoming more mobile friendly in 2018. #yourewelcome

Speaking of TV goodies – have you been paying attention to Netflix lately? Though this tweet bidness is gold, some people are getting more worried than necessary. I mean hello marketing 201 – give the people what they don’t know they want. Amirite?

The Socials

Shit’s getting real for 2018, here are some updates you might want to read up on –

Kids on Facebook, wat? I’m not sure how I feel about this…The ads are coming the ads are coming! Facebook is making strides for updating video ads. While it’s working on improving brands, it’s also getting real about sexual harassment (or trying). Speaking of taking things seriously, Twitter is FINALLY starting to take it’s users seriously – cue the applause. Will you be adding Twitter video to your needs this year? Hmmm Vine in 2018?

Have you been paying attention to IG lately? The ‘Gram is doing the most again. Follow your hashtags and play along! Story archiving is a thing now – don’t want to be part of that? Here you go! While we’re on the topic of video, filter, and sending pics - Snapchat is making the brands happy with filters. You get a filter, you get a filter, you get a filter! Someone else is trying to get on that Snapchat train though…Adding on to the FOMO, LinkedIn is saying YAS to helping you add skillzzzz to yo resume.

Last but certainly not least, Pinterest is doing the damn thang for 2018 – are you ready for internets in 2018?

Apps to Check Out

Food (and dranks)

Work Stuffs


Internet Gold

Some downers: Social networks get a bad rep, that’s not new but this piece made a lot of us think hard on what’s happening in the digital world. While we have a big push for social networks and their content (hello, I am the social media manager btw), we also practice balance. We’re not ALL on every network and we’re not all fans – but we preach and practice being smart about your social time.

Net Nuetrality, we all know this happened and now we wait. As a digital agency, we’re kind of antsy about it but PLEASE share your thoughts, theories, or solutions.  : )

That’s it and that’s all! Feliz navidad, happy kwanza, and merry new year!

P.s. Do we really need a name for this…?

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