An Olympic Social Update

An Olympic Social Update

Another week, another dose of social update. This week's news: Rio.

Just in case you didn’t know…#Rio #2016 #gametime. So we can’t reference what is happening with the official tags, or at least the brands can’t, but social media is not about to let that stop you from cheering on your team/country/athlete. Here are all the ways you can connect on social to show your team spirit. (despite the low turnout...enjoy!)

In app news:

Are apps really over? Bots are already the newest thing in all-access to brands, users, and anyone who is bored and wants to chat, will the bot replace apps as we know it? While the bot/app question is stil at large, moms rejoice (with iOS) mom-mojis, when words can't say it but an emoji can.

Big changes ahead for Facebook Pages? More desktop testing page layouts and shop profiles. The last few were aight, so we’ll see how this goes. Facebook Live is about to get a whole lot commercial, and not the good kind. We'll see how that continues to change how brands talk to us. Ready for another one? Facebook is trying to say 'Boy Bye' to clickbait content. #finally

Instagram Stories guys!!! Are you into them, are you using them, are you even aware? We're all trying to figure out the next move, will it be by Facebook or will Snapchat clap back with something cray? Want to know what the difference is? Here you go. Will Snapchat survive? Same. And just for a laugh: Instagram for Windows 95 ya'll. #canyoudigit

Snapchat launched (officially) geostickers, which we've seen in some areas but now they're official, so sweet? Use 'em or lose 'em #notreally Other exciting Snaptastic news: the NFL has joined Snapchat and it's magical. #NFLSunday #ThursdayNightFootball #MNF #AllTheFootballHashtags

For the love of Food:

We all love pizza but dang, Labron took it to a whole new level: 16 toppings. #pizzaislyfe And while this seems a little intense (rude with the jalapeños guys) this woman is my pizza spirit animal. One alst thing, GUYS, THIS IS AMAZING!!! Martha + Snoop + a cooking show. That’s all. 

It may be Monday but at least this isn’t your life…(this is why I don’t drive in LA). #doyouevendrive

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P.S. Poké players may be a number of things, and animal lovers is one of them which is great. Keep on, keeping on Poké people.